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Drunk driving can result in serious criminal charges that can impact the rest of a person’s life. Individuals arrested or charged with a DWI or DUI need an experienced attorney by their side.

Work With A Skilled DWI/DUI Lawyer

As the solo attorney at Epperson Panasiuk Law, Pamela guides clients through this process and will work hard to find the best possible resolution in their cases. She was a former prosecutor and public defender in Arkansas. Pamela knows how prosecutors and judges view these cases and what steps to take to put her clients in the best light in their eyes.

She has represented drivers facing a variety of drunk driving charges, including first-time DWI or DUI offenses, boating DWIs and commercial drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated. Regardless of the type of DWI or DUI charge you are facing, Pamela can help.

DWI Penalties And Your Options

DWI convictions carry heavy penalties, even for first-time offenders. DWI convictions have a mandatory sentence of one day in jail to up to a year depending on the case. Individuals charged with their third DWI have a mandatory minimum of 90 days in jail. A fourth and any subsequent DWI charges are a felony and carry much harsher penalties.

Pamela is an experienced DWI defense attorney. She knows how to negotiate with prosecutors. She can review a client’s case and see what options are available to reduce the charge or sentence, including the possibility of eliminating any jail time or only requiring jail time to be served on the weekends.

In addition to criminal charges and penalties, a person’s driving privileges will also be affected. She can help clients through the administrative hearing process with the DMV and explain what will happen and what to expect to ease their fears during this time.

Contact Pamela For A Free Initial Consultation

Located in Little Rock, Epperson Panasiuk Law represents individuals throughout Arkansas. Clients charged with a DWI or DUI need to speak with an experienced lawyer immediately. Call the law office of Epperson Panasiuk Law at 501-712-3740 or contact the firm online.

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