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Work With An Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney

At Epperson Panasiuk Law, clients will work with a former prosecutor and public defender who truly cares about their cases and will explore all options to protect their future.

Juvenile offenses can significantly harm a teen’s future. Having a criminal conviction on his or her record can cause many repercussions, including harming his or her ability to find a job, get into college and even affecting his or her housing options in the future.

Pamela understands the criminal court system and has experience representing youths in adult and juvenile court. She can help individuals facing the following criminal charges:

In addition to these offenses, she can represent juveniles facing any criminal charge in Arkansas.

Representing You, Not Your Mistakes

Pamela cares about her client’s future and will make sure all factors are considered in his or her case. She will represent clients as who they are, not by what they’ve done. It is important for prosecutors to see defendants as an individual, and understand their history and overall lifestyle to help find the best outcome.

As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, Pamela knows what it takes to get clients through this difficult process. She will explain to them their rights, what to expect at each stage and what goals are achievable in their specific case.

Contact The Law Firm For A Free Initial Consultation

Pamela understands how scary the criminal justice system can seem. She can protect clients’ rights and find the best resolution to reduce the impact on their lives. To see how she can help you, call her office in Little Rock at 501-712-3740 or contact her online.

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