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Helping You Through The Expungement And Pardons Process

At Epperson Panasiuk Law in Little Rock, solo attorney Pamela Epperson understands the complex nature of the expungement process in Arkansas. She has worked as a former prosecutor for the state and knows what factors impact this process.

Are You Eligible To Apply For Expungement?

Attorney Pamela can review her client’s conviction and see if he or she is eligible to file a petition to seal or expunge his or her criminal record. If clients are eligible, she will file a petition on their behalf with the court.

The prosecutor has a certain time frame to object to the petition. If he or she does not object, the court will sign an order to seal, thus allowing the expungement. If the prosecutor does object to the request, Pamela can represent clients at a hearing to determine if the expungement will be granted or not.

It is important to work with a lawyer who understands and stays up-to-date with new laws as many charges or convictions require you to wait a certain amount of time before you can apply for an expungement. Pamela can make sure the case is carefully evaluated and that her clients are given the best opportunity to have their expungements granted.


Pamela has experience helping individuals apply for pardons in the state of Arkansas. This process can take a while, so it is important to make sure the application is handled properly from the start.

She can help clients apply for a pardon. The Arkansas Parole Board will make a recommendation to the governor, who will ultimately decide to grant the pardon or not. In some cases, it may be beneficial to request a meeting with the parole board where she can argue on her clients’ behalf as to why they should receive a pardon.

Contact An Experienced Law Firm

These issues can be very complex and difficult to handle on your own. Let an experienced attorney help you through the entire process. To discuss your options regarding expungement and pardons, contact the firm online or call Epperson Panasiuk Law at 501-712-3740 for a free initial consultation.

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