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Filing for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits can be difficult. , sole attorney at Epperson Panasiuk Law, can help clients file an initial claim for benefits or appeal the initial denial.

Filing For Disability Benefits Can Be Difficult

Pamela understands the needs of disabled clients and how frustrating the application process can be. She can help clients every step of the way to improve their chances at receiving benefits.

She gets to know her clients and learns more about their medical conditions, why they believe they are disabled, why they cannot work and what kind of work they did before they became disabled. She will also determine what kind of medication and treatment her clients require, and what doctors they’ve seen. She can also obtain all documentation necessary to help file their claims.

These claims can be complex and require an effective and responsible lawyer. Pamela knows how vital benefits are for her clients, and will work hard to find the best outcome by filing claims in an effective and timely manner.

Don’t try to handle filing a claim or appeal a denial on your own. Pamela will make sure all information is collected and documented when filing a claim for SSDI/SSI benefits.

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Located in Little Rock, Epperson Panasiuk Law represents clients throughout Arkansas. For help filing a SSDI or SSI claim or appealing a denial, call her office at 501-712-3740 or submit your information online.

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